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Spread some, förgylldSarah Fast Hurtigkarl

4 000 kr

  • Objekt för vägghängning
  • Unikt objekt, tillverkat av silversmed Sarah Fast Hurtigkarl.
  • Upcycling av gamla skedar


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I believe the future social system will be based on solidarity and altruism.
Spread some is a reflection of what our time is in a critical need of. I have been working with the heart as a symbol for humanity. When viewing the piece you see a distorted reflection of yourself and your surroundings as a reminder, that we are in it together. Spread some… is a wall piece that wishes to inspire you to spread some kindness, compassion and love.

For a long time I have been gathering old cutlery to use as material for my work. The utensils carries traces and memory of a everyday. They are used as tools to fullfil a human need. The collected cutlery are paired and I carefully reuse every bit of the them.

Nysilver, mässing, förgylld


Silversmides tekniker

För förgyllda silversmycken rekommenderas att man använder en silverdipp för att ta bort oxideringen. Doppa smycket i dippen i några sekunder, skölj noggrant med vatten och torka torrt med en mjuk trasa. Använd inte en silverputsduk då förgyllningen riskeras att slipas bort.

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