Welcome to Nutida Svenskt Silver!

– Quality and artistry

Nutida Svenskt Silver (Contemporary Swedish Silver) is a group of 38 silver- and goldsmiths who work broadly and innovatively with combining advanced craftsmanship with great artistry. We have been contemporary since 1963. Today we express ourselves in all kinds of materials and techniques. We create unique jewellery, objects and limited edition items. Manufacturing takes place in our own workshops. All members are selected by a review jury. Our ambition is to constantly find new ways and contexts to meet our audience.

History and mission

Founded with the aim of promoting and stimulating Swedish silver and goldsmithing, we are a non-profit association that has presented, explained and enriched Swedish handicrafts for half a century. Our mission is to preserve traditional knowledge while working for, and encouraging development in these fields.

- Nutida Svenskt Siver

Pernilla Sylwan – Samarkand. Photografer: Sara Danielsson